We found love in a hopeless place

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Since having a little re-think on how I market myself, I’ve been picking up work in the strangest of places. It’s such a simple strategy… speak to people.

Where I live I am surrounded by small, local businesses or in other words, my target market. Now I think I’ve banged on before about business to person marketing and it really is as simple as it seems. However, for someone who is as massively socially awkward as I am this is quite a daunting prospect. Phone people? Visit them? Eeek.

The trouble being I can only sell things I truly believe in. This sounds bad, but think about it, who truly believes that they are the best in their field? Which is why you would employ someone like me to do your marketing for you. I could honestly sell ice to eskimos if I thought you did a better job of it than they did. My online persona exudes confidence and I can write fluidly with big words and everything, but talk to me in real life and ask me a question and I may as well be about 13 years old. Shy. Awkward. Forgetful. Dickhead.

Well this year I’m trying to fight against the urge to just sit here and hope work will fall in to my lap – I have been really lucky over the past two years and to be fair that has happened!

So off I go into the big wide (village) world. I still like to start online, googling businesses and companies that interest me and emailing them a flyer and a quick note – I thought about Mailchimp but I’m not a fan of mass emails, I barely look at them before hitting delete – and then ‘gulp’ follow this up with a call or a visit.

This brave new Nic has paid off, I’ve done some cool little projects that I would never have thought of and *fingers crossed* am hopefully spreading the word about Mrs E and putting an end to ‘Oh I had no idea you did that’!

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