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The last few weeks have been really up and down. I’ve suddenly found myself with a lot of free time. I’ve lost count of the amount of projects I’ve quoted on (or worse started) only to be left hanging around waiting for responses.

I’m trying to be cool about this. I know there is a lot of legwork involved in keeping busy and that not every hour will be a paid one. I’ve been so lucky in that I’ve not really had to chase work before that now that I am it all feels a bit weird.

Some days are ace, will feel really productive, I’ll contact some great potential customers, sketch out some ideas, start to get excited about a new client and (probably) get carried away with putting together ideas, I’ll have a nice lunch and the sun will be shining.

Others are shit. I’ll procastinate all day on Facebook in the name of research, will contact no-one and chase up nothing, panic about my reduced income, start having nightmares about ‘real jobs’, forget to eat lunch until it’s too late and freeze to death down here in my office. On these days the cats usually choose to come in and tread shit all over my white desk and keyboard erydtfygvbhljn tygiuhiopjokp’l\;’ fyguhij fytguhij etc…

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