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Time for a ketchup…

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Hello peeps, been a while, time for a long overdue ketchup.

So, I’ve been busy rebuilding a website for MirrorSphere and thats gone live and now I’m rebuilding a website for MirrorSphere – this is not a typo, new theme, so start again. Well, it made me think I should probably rebuild mine and what a fucking stupid idea that was. I don’t really need a website, I only wanted a blog with a few pages attached. Thing is it’s like Pringles, once you pop… I’m not sure what the cut off point is for building a website? As soon as you’ve finished, a new theme or brilliant plugin appears and someone else’s shit is soooo much cooler than yours… so now I’ve kinda reached a stand still. I guess it’s a bit like builders and their homes ie.: never finished.

Speaking of builders, I made a cool logo for a construction company (pics coming soon hopefully) and finally paid the cheque in for that, sorry guys!

I’ve also learnt to proofread stuff rather than expect the client to, it’s a bit of a grey area with no-one wanting to take the ultimate responsibility, I think I’m here to make stuff look cool – my job is done, who am I to check the spelling *red faces all round* anyway alls well that ends well with that one and I’ve a free dinner at The Holly Bush to look forward to (nb: they’ve got a really nice website).

You may have seen I started a leaflet for myself for local business’, it’s also a bit of a builders house. One day I might actually finish something for Mrs E, I can’t tell you how many half done, self promotion projects I have on the go at the moment. Still, at least that means that I am keeping busy, speaking of which, it’s the end of the month and I’ve not done my invoicing yet! FFS!


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