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Time for another ketchup…

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First up, apologies for the radio silence on here of late.

Second up, apologies for re-using this image and title, but I really liked it, so whatever.

Third up, and let’s pretend you give a shit, here’s what I’ve been creating in the lab over the last few months…

As well as some nice steady work from my usual repeat clients, MirrorSphere, Duralock & The Hollybush, I have managed to pick up a couple of new ones. BTW there’s always room for more in case you were procrastinating – you know who you are!

I need to give a special shout out to the awesome new Witney Sandwich Shop & Deli from the Hollybush guys, if you haven’t visited The Hollybush Sandwich Shop then frankly I’m disappointed in you. It either means that you ignore my Facebook page or that you simply don’t like to eat. Either way, it’s well worth a visit (the site & the shop).

I’ve also bleated on about Burford Kitchens and Interiors because that little site is also a joy and heralded the start of a beautiful working relationship with KayDee Web. Well at least it is for me… she might say different!

I’ve done a nice little re-brand for my Uncle ‘n’ Aunty on their property services business Anglo Property Care, so if you own a rental property or a holiday home (lucky you) or run a holiday let business they are well worth chatting to.

There’s a new project in the pipeline as we speak, so watch this space for details of that one – particularly if you are ‘of a certain age’ and love a bit of nostalgia… !!

And finally, I am sad to report that Duralock may actually finally be stopping me from hanging around there on a weekly basis (I blame the Bake Off and my frankly awful attempt at a pavlova), which means I am on the look out for some steady part-time work. So hit me up if your business is looking for some freelance design & marketing help and you think I could fit in at your office (I promise not to bake anything) x

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