The one where I accidentaly buy a Mk1 Transit

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Picture the scene…

You’re enjoying a lovely few days away at a campsite near Cheddar Gorge. It’s your final evening. You’re tired and emotional. A beautiful green and white Bedford CF Campervan with a pop up roof rolls into the site. Gasps and exclamations of love can be heard throughout the field and you wonder to yourself what such a beauty is worth.

A quick Google brings up a similar looking 1974 Mark 1 Transit (Pig Snout Dormobile) available on eBay. It has 45 minutes left at auction, 100 odd watchers and no bids. You chuck on a cheeky starting bid, fully expecting it to go through the roof in the last few minutes and return to the task of sitting and drinking by the firepit.

Approximately 40 minutes later you check back to see how much it has gone up to and reel with horror as not one counter bid has appeared. The clock ticks. Everyone in your group is now watching the countdown. It reaches the final minute. You hold your breath. The Pay Now screen appears on your phone. You own a beautiful mystery box of bits that needs collecting from Hereford.

To be continued…


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