Fuck 2021 too

Surviving the apocalypse – part 2

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So 2021 arrived bringing with it positivity and change…

Except no it fucking didn’t. 2020 rolled over into 2021 with even more misery than anyone could have expected. Same shit, different weather. In retrospect, the Zoom Quiz era is now something I look back on with fond memories.

Now we are living almost entirely online, sniping and bitching at each other because no one knows what we should be doing anymore and we can no longer hug out an argument. I’m down to one repeat customer which I am massively grateful for (even though it doesn’t even cover my bills let alone my rent) and I think I might have forgotten how to work if anyone else actually asked me too!

Yes, there are things to be positive about and grateful for, no one I know personally is ill or has died and the vaccines will hopefully release the UK from this embarrasing sickbay we seem to be in, but the truth is I’m exhausted. I’m tired of pretending I feel positive. I have very little actual work, I sit in my house on my own (except to go for a walk or to the coop) and I’m really fat! Mrs E defeated the odds in making it to six, but I’m starting to genuinely think that could be it for her…

at which point does self employed become unemployed?!


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