Flexible Working

Flexible Working

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Flexible working is a hot topic at the moment and one that is steadily seeping into the consciousness of traditional bosses, although it’s hard to imagine most companies taking this on as standard practice. …

Cacklebean Eggs

My local social media heroes

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I’ve been meaning to write a shoutout to my favourite local social media heroes for aaaages…I’m not entirely sure what has stopped me doing it before now, time constraints, genuine …

Mrs E 4th Birthday

Mrs E made it to 4!

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Yass Queens! In real life I’ve made it to 40. In work life Mrs E has made it to 4. Fuck knows how (for either of these milestones)! Turning fourty …

Off Air

Been off air

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If you’re old enough to remember that image then you are probably also about to turn forty… So Facebook keeps telling me that my followers haven’t heard from me in …