Still Avoiding Getting a Real Job

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I think I say this every year, but by some miracle, and a good few random part-time jobs, I’ve managed to avoid getting a real job again for another year! For 9 years in fact!

In my search for images including the number 9 I came across this Tim Burton movie (of the same name) that I have never seen and it looks gorgeous! I’m hoping to celebrate by watching it, with a cup of tea, in my pyjamas – we’ll have a party next year!

9 takes place in a dark, post-apocalyptic world where intelligent, self-reproducing machines destroyed all life on Earth. In this desolate setting, a small relic of humanity remains: nine rag dolls animated by a scientist’s soul. These dolls are constantly targeted by the machines that are determined to eradicate anything resembling life on Earth. The dolls must, therefore, band together to fight and destroy the evil robots. A bit like us freelancers fighting to survive and avoid evil employers! 😂

And so I will continue to spend my life chasing payments, chasing work, waiting for clients to call me back and turning my computer on and off a dozen times in one day. Because the thought of being trapped somewhere all day, every day terrifies me still!

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