Small Business Design & Marketing. It’s What I do (mum).

Small businesses and start-ups are my favourite typse of business to work with in the WORLD, so if you have a new business that you want to get off the ground or an existing small business with little or no online (or offline) presence…

I am your jargon-free, one stop shop
for creative small business design & marketing.

I have a very strong print design background in my ’employed’ career. I first started in reprographics and pre-press before moving to artworking, design and even a bit of project management.
I’ve also always had a personal interest in new tech and the latest in social media ‘trends’ and over the last few years have found I seem to have a knack of engaging an audience and discovering what works in terms of small business design & marketing.

  • Advertising materials

    – creation & print management if required

  • Brochure design

    – creation & print management if required

  • Logos & branding

    – creation, consistency management

  • Social media

    – setup, content creation, management

  • Blogs & PR

    – content creation, image selection, management

  • Websites

    – content creation, WordPress website design

These people let me work for them

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