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I have been really fortunate to work with so many great Oxfordshire Small Businesses over the years.
So here’s a shout out to the best of them…

When I started this freelancing gig five years ago I wanted to help small businesses in my local area. Wether they had no online presence at all or had started to look in to it but didn’t really know what to do to get their profiles noticed throughout Oxfordshire and beyond. I have some amazing small businesses on my books; be it just to design them a logo, some advertising materials, get their social media started, to build them a shiny new website, or the whole package.

This A – Z list has been created not just so you can see how great I am at my job, but also how great these people are at theirs!
– links are in the company name.

A is for Ali Barber. The best barber in Witney. Fact.
B is for Byron Burford Kitchens & Interiors. Pay a visit to their beautiful showroom in Burford.
C is for Chippy Lido (obviously). If you still haven’t been there, have a word.
C is also for Cotswold Carriers. Removals. Storage. Haulage. Great new insta page.
D is for Duralock. You’ve all seen their products. You probably just don’t realise it.
No E? Got a great local business with a name that starts with E? Contact me!
F is for Fiction Junkies. Run by local author Cathy Evans and SEO’d up by me.
No G? Got a great local business with a name that starts with G? Contact me!
H is for The Hollybush, The Horseshoes & The Hollybush Sandwich Shop. All A-mazing.
No I? Got a great local business with a name that starts with I? Contact me!
J is for Johnsons Chauffeur Cars. An old bud bringing new life to his family business.
K is for Karl Smith of Wychwood Roofing (because there are a LOT of W’s)!
L is for Leaky of DFB Plumbing. (I know we’re getting tenuous with the letters here)!
M is for MirrorSphere. I honestly can’t thank these guys enough for their support over the years. (Support… it’s an IT pun).
M is also for Mel J Personal Trainer. Fierce. Fit. Fucking hilarious.
N is for Nick Grant of HQ Offices, Faringdon Business Centre & Wigwam Self Storage.
O is for the Oxford Celebrant and a seriously beautiful little website.
P is for Pendragon Homes. The link is for AH Projects – another one that needs some big up thanks!
No Q? Got a great local business with a name that starts with Q? Contact me!
R is for Kelly Roberts of KayDee Web. She’s the hostess with the mostest.
S is for St Michael’s Store. Great shop. Great Food. Great Craic.
T is for TLA – Great people. Great office. Great new website!
No U? Got a great local business with a name that starts with U? Contact me!
V is for Velo Pizzeria. Pop up pizza. On a bike.
W is for everyone with a business name starting with Wychwood and Willbee Landscaping.
X is for Whistling Cat Books. Because they are Xcellent books… I know. Sorry.
Y is for Yurga Makeup.
Z is for… nobody. Ever.

If you’ve worked with a brilliant small business remember to share the love. It makes a big difference. x

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