Mrs E 4th Birthday

Mrs E made it to 4!

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Yass Queens! In real life I've made it to 40. In work life Mrs E has made it to 4. Fuck knows how (for either of these milestones)!

Turning fourty (in real life) has been a time for some unexpected reflection. We're not talking full on mid-life crisis territory here, although some may argue that has already happened (see ridiculous orange sports car and a summer spent as a lifeguard), but just a realisation that you shouldn't take life for granted.

I was recently invited to a health check at my local GP Surgery as a result of being 'middle aged'. Nothing serious was thrown up, but I was made aware of creeping high weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Definitely not something I had ever worried about in my 'youth'! So some subtle changes need to be made to keep my body ticking over nicely in to my advancing years.

Once I realised that I had also managed to survive another Mrs E year, I thought I'd better do an MOT on my business as well. I don't want to ever have a full time job again and my teenage years are behind me on this journey as well now, so time to stop taking things for granted and start behaving like a grown up.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'll be curbing my swearing and joining voluntary groups but it does mean I need to fix a few things professionally. Like this fucking website. I hate how it appears on a mobile phone and that is a pretty shit advert for someone that offers websites to customers - I promise everyone else's are great! And chasing up old quotes and leads that I get bored of doing, work doesn't fall in your lap when you are self employed so I need to a bit of a kick up the arse in terms of proactivity in that area as well!

Anyway, these are really just notes for myself so that I can check I am actually doing the things I say I will!

Happy Birthday's to me! Now where's that low sugar / salt / fat cake I promised myself... ?!

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