Lucky number 7

Lucky number seven?

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Lucky number seven stands alone.

It is the only number we can count on our hands (1-10) that cannot be divided or multiplied by the others. It’s unique, a loner, an outsider. A freelancer if you will.

Seven is most people’s go to number when asked to chose one between 1-10.
It is considered to be the length of time in years that most people get bored (the seven year itch).
It is the longest I have ever been employed in one place and is now also the number of years I have been self-employed!

So what is the secret to being self employed for so long?

Embrace the downtime…

When I first started out I would panic over every non earning minute, now those are actually more frequent than earning ones so that was a lot of worrying!
Take that time to get your name out there, networking (online if preferred) or simply catching up with old contacts.
Take that time to improve on your skills, free courses are all over the internet and there are some great ones.
Or just take that time to watch box sets, have afternoon baths or meet up with friends and family for long lunches. Once you get to know the rhythm of your workflow this definitely gets easier. For example, I am always really busy from spring – autumn, but might as well go on holiday for the whole of the winter months (tempting).

Tax returns are really not that bad…

If you use Quickbooks or similar or keep decent records as you go, your annual tax return is pretty simple. Do it early and set a day aside that you can concentrate on it and it really is nothing to be afraid of. Read more here:

Flex. Switch. Swerve. Adapt…

Call it what you like, but stay flexible in the work that you do. Sometimes the weirdest jobs are the best and finding new skills is always good for the soul. Anyway, I’m off labouring tomorrow (not a joke), I have an interview next week to work at Blenheim Christmas Market and have just applied for two part time marketing jobs.

Happy seventh birthday Mrs E!


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