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It’s time to talk prices…

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Ok, so I’ve spent a bit of time introducing myself and rambling on about my work and my life and thought it high time I did some useful posts on some serious topics. First up, it’s time to talk prices… I found a great post on another designers site today explaining how they come up with their prices. This relates to the dark art of logo design and is so well described that I thought it would be a good idea to share it:

Believe it or not, prices aren’t made up but an estimation of how much time goes into to creating a logo is required. Every business organisation is different: some people need continual communication, some need quick summaries, some want to be involved face-to-face at every step and some need to get feedback from a committee. All these scenarios are fine, but can effect time considerably.

Lets look at a typical example of logo design and the time it can take.

This is the cost for a logo allowing meeting time and 1 round of revisions to get it right, dealing with one person where everything is presented digitally and no travelling is expected.

  • 30 mins – replying to email and asking a bit more info, and arranging meeting
  • 1 hour – initial meeting / discussions
  • 2 hours – research / inspiration / coffee drinking
  • 4 hours – initial ideas and sketches for a logo design
  • 2 hours – application / refinement of ideas into a presentation document (its just a bit sloppy to send you a logo as a jpeg attachment)
  • 1 hour – getting feedback, digesting, conjugation
  • 2 hours – refinements to logo following feedback
  • 1 hour – final logo presentation
  • 1 hour – preparation of logo into all various formats (PDF, eps, jpeg rgb, jpeg cmyk, small jpeg/gif)
  • 1 hour – additional correspondence time (phone / email)


Total time spent at this stage: 15.5 hours x hourly rate = your logo cost… And that’s it! – you have the start of a logo cost equation.

(Bear in mind that this is a cost estimation which can fluctuate wildly depending on the ‘little changes’ you would like.)

I guess at the end of the day it’s worth remembering that customers see your logo before they see anything else and it forms the basis of your entire identity as a business.

So how much is that worth to you? Answer prompt: it’s not 20 quid.

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