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I’ve got that Friday feeling!

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It’s the last Friday in February and I’ve had a lovely day today.

I’ve been at home for the first time in aaaaages. Lately, I’ve been gazing longingly at my lovely little office – trying to ignore the freezer noise (which is 42 decibels btw!) – and wondering when I would get to sit back in there, in my uniform (tracksuit), freezing my arse off again.

So after a late start, a bath and a porkpie lunch, I did some cute photo work for Wychwood Pre School, made some final touches to MirrorSphere’s new site (still not live yet) and some paperwork, and all by 4pm!

This week I’ve also signed up to Chippy Lippy, it’s a networking group just for women – not some kind of make-up pyramid selling cult as I first thought – and definitely worth a look, even if it’s just to hand out my new business cards, which are even better in the flesh thanks to a ‘velvet’ lamination, which feels like er… velvet and means that you can stroke them on your face, should you so wish. I recommend it, it feels really nice. Maybe I better reign that thought in though at the meet, case they think I’m weird…

velvety smooth business cards

Softer than a babies bum

double mac

Speed through your workload with the lefthand righthand productivity model

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