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I’ve not yet had my fifteen minutes of fame.

I have however, had a few glorious five minute shots at it. The first one happened when I was about four years old and I won a fancy dress competition at playgroup and got in the local papers. I was dressed as Bo-Peep, there is a clipping and some photographic evidence of this somewhere buried in old pictures at my mums house. I’m not going to add it to this post as it’s not really relevant, I don’t know where it is and Im a bit hung over so I’m losing my train of thought here..

Back to the point. A couple of weeks ago I posted a pic on Instagram of the Wychwood Pre-school prospectus that I had just redesigned and I tagged printed.com in it thanking them for another great job. I always do this, share the love and all that and who knows one day it might come back to you. Well it did. I had a message from them asking if they could feature me on their blog, erm let me think about that… thousands of readers, hundreds of hits a week, untold levels of exposure, the world would get to see my little project… yes fucking please! And then I didn’t hear anything back from them.

After wallowing in sadness for several days, I thought I better rebuild this website quick just incase and then I went away for the weekend to a festival (Wilderness, Cornbury – it’s bonkers beautiful) and forgot all about it. Upon my return I checked my website stats and I’d had the most views EVER the previous weekend.

So there it was, I had actually missed my fifteen minutes of fame and I had actually allowed all of those people to see the unfinished version of my website.

Total twat.

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