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Don’t Panic!

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A day off – it’s a freelance designer’s worst nightmare!

So I’ve got a day off today. It was sort of accidentally on purpose. I cleared my diary and booked a couple of important things in – an appointment at the bank to discuss my midlife-crisis-car-loan and a lunch date with a favourite friend.

The bank cancelled, apparently I actually got a very good deal on my loan that cannot be beaten (yay me). Then my friend text to say she couldn’t do today as she has job interviews (fingers crossed for you mate x), which has left me with a full on actual day off.

All the employed people out here are like ‘oh, just lay on the sofa’… ARE YOU CRAZY?! This is my worst nightmare! Sundays yes, I can happily lay around in my pyjamas all day reeking of stale booze and bacon, not leave the house and not one single fuck will be given. But a day off in the week just sends me into a ‘how much am I not earning today’ panic.

The devil makes work…

… for idle thumbs, or say they say. well not today, not for me. I’ve done two seconds of paperwork (I am surprisingly organised) and have chased up on a couple of quotes, I’ve eaten bacon, eggs & tomatoes and put a load of washing in and I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I’ve finished writing this waffle tbh!


So my friend got the job from the first of todays interviews and we had to go and celebrate… freelance life, it ain’t that bad ;D

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