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Loaded question… Do you do websites?

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You’re freelance, you offer design, marketing and social media help; you’ve started telling friends ‘n’ family and local businesses about yourself, the first question people will ask you is ‘Ooooh do you do websites?’

There’s no clear answer to this question and I’m still struggling to explain this without sounding like a complete muppet:

‘Erm… kind of, but not really’
‘well, you know I’ve done my own – but it’s really just a blog’
‘well I’ve done this great website for a client but we do it together’

None of these will inspire confidence in your ability so I’ve decided the answer here is:

‘No. I do print design. But I know some guys. I can help you with it.’

Yes I have dabbled in websites, enough to know that I do not have the skills to offer this as a paid service. This one is just some information attached to my blog. It’s my blog not my website.

I have spent several months working with the guys at MirrorSphere on their site and it truly is a thing of beauty. With is the key here, they are absolute tech wizards who host their own site, have a staging area for changes and are able to take snapshots and backups whenever we are adding anything new. I can’t offer this myself (without charging a fortune) so it’s much safer not to offer it as a service at all. People still fail to understand the importance of the backend of their website *sniggers*.

Decide what you want your website to do for you, if you really want it to generate new business it has to be structurally sound both externally and internally and the ever-changing SEO rules to keep your website viewable, well they are a full-time job on their own. Made something pretty in WIX but nobody can find it in Google? That’s why. Code is king here and the DIY offerings do not include this.

All of your marketing efforts lead back to your website – so do you really want to lead potential customers to a sub standard, templated site? I’m saying “sub standard” here because if you’ve never built a website before (templated, WordPress, or otherwise) and aren’t technically endowed *sniggers*, that’s exactly what it will be.

In short, I like to think I’m pretty good at cutting & colouring my own hair (although my hairdresser would whole heartedly disagree with this), but I’m certainly not about to start advertising myself as a stylist.

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