The Benefits of Continually Refreshing Your Website

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There are many benefits to continually refreshing your website. There are the obvious SEO based ones, but it's also vital to keep your online persona current, relevant and interesting.

Every time I work on a new client website I end up refreshing my own!

This might sound mad, but style trends come and go and with the rise in people using mobile devices to view sites layout preferences have evolved from viewing several pages and tabs on a desktop computer to people preferring to scroll continuously in the same direction as familiar social media sites. Continually refreshing your website is a good way to keep up with current trends.

I also think it's worth having a read back through your content and making a few little edits here and there. When you originally put it together it was current, relevant and in a tone you were happy with. Once the blindness that comes with reading the same paragraphs over and over has settled down and your site has had chance to gain a few views it's worth having a look back through your original text. You wouldn't use the same brochure you started with throughout the life of your business and it's important to view your website the same way.

Engaging, original content is good for the performance of your site and for Google and it's ever changing SEO rules - making sure you resubmit any page layout changes to Google for indexing as this is crucial to appeasing the Search Gods. 

There are also always new design tricks and funky little bits n pieces you can add to make yours the best looking site you've ever seen. Each time I release a new site I am eaten up with jealousy as to how cool it looks and try to take something new that I have learnt from it.

Which brings me nicely to the latest and most beautiful site I have ever built... I wish it was my own, but it's 
Clean, clear, elegant and with some cool little features dotted about the place.

So if you want to be the owner of the next website that makes me green with envy drop me a line:

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