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Baywatch – Chipping Norton Style

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Hanging out with Mitch Buchanan in Chipping Norton

It’s no secret that I have been through a pretty tight spot of late. The first three months of this year were so quiet and so awful that I sank quite low (in to my duvet). I have some awesome repeat clients that I love working for and some great small businesses that want websites, but was missing the steady, repeat income of a part-time contract. So I applied for jobs: part-time and full-time design jobs, part-time and full-time marketing jobs, I emailed people advertising jobs and offered to work freelance, I emailed local companies hawking for work, I looked in to selling my car. I was faced with so much negativity and so much rejection that I literally lost faith in me being able to do anything at all.

The job market has changed significantly since I last looked for work and not for the better. I feel sorry for anyone starting out in this industry as it seems that companies are no longer willing to invest time training people in areas where they are not experienced. Tick all but one box on the lengthy list of requirements and good luck getting past the recruitment gatekeeper. Especially if that box is ‘has a Bachelors’.

So I had an epiphany one day and thought ‘fuck it, just do something that makes me happy‘. 

Now if you know me well, you will know that I am a champion of Chipping Norton Lido. I bluddy love the place. I even applied to be the manager – and thank you to them for even considering me for interview despite my complete and utter inexperience (I literally ticked NONE of the boxes). I didn’t get it, obviously, but I did get a part-time job there.

It’s minimum wage, long shifts and involves a lot of scrubbing floors but I get to swim for free and I get to come out into the real world and chat shit to people who also bluddy love the place. I’m also planning on finally training as a lifeguard. 

I hope to see you all there over the summer and remember: No running, no bombing and definitely no heavy petting.

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