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What is B2P (or P2P) Marketing?

Before the internet, businesses either advertised their services and waited to see if anyone wanted what was on offer or they actively approached their target audience in person and thrived on word of mouth recommendations.

This got me thinking about my own marketing (and that of the people that I market for)…

In this age of non-stop online activity, we are literally bombarded with advertising. Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat ads, creepy Google ads based on your viewing history (be careful what you search for) and the bane of my life – email marketing.

Over the last year we have seen a (welcome) return to traditional marketing methods. It is well know that businesses don’t make the ultimate purchasing decisions – people do, and that those people now spend a large proportion of their working day exasperatedly deleting unread, unwanted emails and closing down fucking annoying pop-ups on websites.

Yes, business purchasing decisions are made differently to individual ones, but ultimately both are made by people and emotional and personal relationships play a key role in both. It is now more important than ever to make personal contact with decision makers, find out what motivates them and what their needs are.

Coming from a traditional print background (and having an overzealous personal zero tolerance policy on spam) this is great for me! Bring back letters, flyers, brochures and carefully targeted marketing on the things that people actually want.

Oh yeah and ask me to make them for you, because I’m pretty good at it ;D

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